Welcome to Sue’s All Natural Needhams

Established 1990

The Original Maine Potato Candy

Our journey started with my sister Linda and I making Needhams as gifts for holidays. Over time, the demand for our unique candy gifts grew, and I decided to start a home-based business. Since then, I have been providing high-quality Needhams to customers who appreciate our unique gifts for chocolate lovers.

My success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local businesses. I am proud to say that our Needhams are made the Traditional Maine way, using only MAINE POTATOES and natural ingredients. Each Needham is hand-dipped with fine chocolate, maintaining the original Maine Needham recipe, giving them a taste that is unlike any other.

Our commitment to quality has earned us several awards, including the BEST Needhams from a local radio show and a local Chocolate Fling. We are proud to be a Maine-made product, and we strive to maintain the tradition of making Needhams using only the finest ingredients.

Once you try them, you’ll understand why we say, “Once you try them, you will Need’am…” So, come and enjoy the unique taste of Sue’s All Natural Needhams, and thank you for your continued support.